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Biography of Gien Karssen 

Gien Karssen was raised in a Christian home in The Netherlands and became a Christian at the age of 12 as a result of her parents' lives and training. After she had been married only six weeks, the Germans interned her husband in a concentration camp where he died. Just before his death he had inscribed Luke 9:62 in his diary, "But Jesus said to him, 'No one, after putting his hand to the plow and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God.'" This verse challenged Gien and has given purpose and direction to her life. Using this Scripture as a basis she found it easier to face difficulties, cancel her own desires and want God's will only.

She met Dawson Trotman, founder of The Navigators, in 1948 in Doorn, Holland. She started the Navigator ministry there by translating The Navigators Topical Memory System into Dutch and handling all the enrollments. Over the years she has worked in many capacities with The Navigators. Girls who have been personally helped by Gien Karssen can be found on almost every continent of the globe.

Gien has been a popular speaker, Bible study leader and trainer, and has many years of experience as free lance writer for Christian periodicals in Europe. Her Name Is Woman is her first book. She has also written, Her Name is Woman Book 2, Getting the Most Out of Being Single and The Best of All.

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Gien Karssen is a story teller. Although there are many studies about the women in the Bible, I have never read one more practical than HER NAME IS WOMAN. Gien makes these biblical women really come alive as you observe their actions and the effects of their lives. She helps you draw out applications which are relevant today. For those who are interested in discovering more about each woman, she provides discussion questions at the end of every chapter.

Gien is one of the best trainers I know for young Bible study leaders. She brings the Word of God to bear upon situations in day-to-day living.

My prayer is that this book will work as a seed that brings forth much fruit.


Corrie ten Boom

Contents Book 1


Old Testament

  1. Eve, the mother of all living

  2. Sarah, the princess whose name is recorded with honor

  3. Rebekah, a woman with great potential, yet . . .

  4. Potiphar's wife, a woman swayed by sex

  5. Miriam, a leader who overestimated herself

  6. Rahab, a harlot in the gallery of the he roes of faith

  7. Peninnah, a woman conquered by jealousy

  8. Hannah, a woman who believed in prayer

  9. The Queen of Sheba, a woman who desired to be wiser

  10. The widow of Zarephath, a woman who accepted the challenge of faith

  11. The Shunammite, a creative thinker

  12. The Jewish maid, a girl who talked about God

  13. Esther, a queen who risked her life for her people

  14. Job's wife, the woman who said no to God

New Testament

  1. Mary, the most privileged among women

  2. Elizabeth, strong of character and a good life-partner

  3. Anna, a woman who wasn't destroyed by a broken heart

  4. A widow who knew how to handle money

  5. Martha of Bethany, a woman who gave priority to secondary matters

  6. Mary of Bethany, a woman with insight to choose the best

  7. The Samaritan, a woman who said yes to Jesus

  8. Dorcas, a woman who loved God

  9. Lydia, a businesswoman who gave God first place

  10. Priscilla, a valued co-worker in preaching the Gospel

Contents Book 2


Old Testament

  1.  Hagar, whose extreme need was met by Jesus Christ

  2. Lot's wife, who did not take the grace of God seriously

  3. Rachel, attractive on the outside, disappointing on the inside

  4. Leah, a woman whose unhappy marriage became God's blessing to humanity

  5. Dinah, a girl whose curiosity led to crime and mourning

  6. Tamar, a neglected woman who vindicated her rights

  7. Jochebed, a woman who learned to consider sorrow a friend

  8. Deborah, a leader of a nation who was inspired by faith

  9. Delilah, a woman who deliberately ruined a spiritual leader

  10. Naomi, a widow who cared about the well-being of others

  11. Orpah, who sank into oblivion because of a wrong decision

  12. Ruth, a woman characterized by loyalty

  13. Michal, a woman whose marriage lacked unity and fell apart

  14. Abigail, a woman who watched over the conscience of a servant of God

  15. Bathsheba, a woman who did not prevent a Godfearing man from insulting his God

  16. Jezebel, who forgot that no one can trifle with God

  17. Huldah, a woman who helped lead an apostate nation back to God

New Testament

  1. Herodias, a woman who degraded herself through revenge and murder

  2. Salome, a mother who thought to ask the best for her children

  3. Mary Magdalene, a woman who led the way in following Christ

  4. Sapphira, for whom listening to Satan resulted in death

  5. Mary of Jerusalem, whose home functioned as the house of God

  6. Phoebe, a single woman who possessed the antidote to loneliness

  7. Lois and Eunice, women who were convinced of the power of God's Word